Ramona Cafe, Ramona, CA

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Blah. That was my overall reaction to Remona Cafe. I had been hiking about 15 miles south of there, and decided to drive to Ramona just because it a new town. I got there around 1820 and left around 1915.

I ordered the chicken fried steak. It is hand breaded there. It was not very good. The CFS was tender enough, and decent sized, but it was thin. The thin beef was surrounded by at least three times the thickness of the beef of breading, on both sides of the beef. The breading had a lot of pepper taste in it. The CFS was covered by poultry gravy (that’s the normal configuration for this restaurant). I didn’t finish the CFS, it was a heck of a lot of breading.

The sides I got were mashers and corn. The corn was bland. The mashers were pretty good, and had more of the poultry gravy on it. The meal also came with cornbread. I think that was a nice touch, I like cornbread, but few places serve it. The cornbread came with a significant amount of real butter, and a big bottle of honey; the cornbread was pretty good.

The iced tea was a pleasant surprise, it was excellent!

Service was a bit spotty; it took a bit to get noticed initially, orders were taken and food dropped off in a drive-by manner. I kind of felt that I was not a priority.

In the end, the meal was so-so. My check was $14.15. If I get the opportunity to return to Ramona, I would likely not return to the Ramona Cafe. If I did, I would get something other than the CFS.


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