Abbeys BarBQ, San Diego, CA

Abbey's Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

I chose Abbey’s based on reviews from Urbanspoon, and the fact that it was close to my hotel. I got there last night at about 1815 and left about 30 min later.

I got a two meat dinner, with brisket and chicken. The chicken first. It was a smallish chicken breast, smoked, and with good flavor, but really dry on the inside (I wondered if it due to the small size of the chicken). Not much left, though. I did like the brisket. It was a bit on the fatty side, but very tasty. And there was quite a bit of it. The sides of pinto beans and potato salad were pretty good.

So the check was $21.85. Pretty darn expensive. The tea was Gold Peak, and it was bad. They have Coke, fortunately.

Side note: I wish Gold Peak would go out of business. It is not good.

So I might go back to Abbey’s. Decent brisket, but I would try the ribs next time, maybe.


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