Purple Burro, Edmond, OK

Purple Burro on Urbanspoon

We’ve been by the Purple Burro a couple times and thought about trying it. We decided to hit it for dinner this evening. We got there about 1840 and left about an hour later.

Now, the Burro isn’t Tex-Mex. It’s more New Mexican and in the style of a place like Joseph’s in Santa Rosa, NM. Ted’s, it isn’t.

Erin and Ian ordered soft tacos, Raegan enchiladas, and I got a burrito. There was a mix of chicken and ground beef. All of this was pretty good. My burrito was huge and hard to finish (I ended up eating about 2/3rds of it, and then scooped the guts out of the tortilla to finish. It came with green chili sauce. Raegan’s was just a touch warmer than she normally gets, but she still went after it. Everyone reported that the food was very good.

The iced tea was a little weak. Service was very good. Our check was $50.61. The place only had about three tables occupied while we were there. We would be glad to go back.


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