OKC Now Has TSA Strip-Search Machines

So TSA has installed the latest step in their campaign to completely strip-search airline passengers, a see-through scanner, at the OKC airport.

Out of the last six times I have been forced through these ought-to-be-illegal machines, five times I have subjected to groping.

So the machines clearly don’t work.

The TSA people that used our tax money to inflict these dehumanizing machines on us ought to be ashamed, and fired.

The Congress, which should be protecting us from this government “security” apparatus, is cowardly.

It’s disgusting.


One Response to “OKC Now Has TSA Strip-Search Machines”

  1. Tom Says:

    Yep, they don’t really work. Example: if your wife lines up her ring and her earring, it can show up on the scanner as a suspected weapon by her ear. Maybe they might catch the next underwear bomber? Give me the good old metal detector and a trained dog anytime – faster, and with no health implications (except for the bad guys).

    So who in the this administration and the last was friends with the folks who make these things? The other question that comes to mind is this: where do they find the perverts who like to grope?

    This is one area where the Europeans may be getting ahead of us: the Italians have already dropped them!


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