Jimmy’s Egg, Edmond, OK (Broadway)

Jimmy's Egg on Urbanspoon

Raegan and I ate at a Jimmy’s Egg on Britton and Penn a long time ago (probably five+ years ago). I thought it was OK, she thought it was OK, but we haven’t been back to another one.

Sunday, we were meeting for breakfast/lunch around noon, and I proposed the location on Broadway in Edmond, since it was near our travel path and close to a Lowe’s. We got there around 1230 and left about 1400.

Raegan got an omelet, enhanced just for her. Even though she had it downsized from three eggs to two, it was right at the limit of what she could eat. I don’t remember what Erin got, but she ate all of it. Ian got chicken fried steak lunch style. He loved it, ate every scrap. I tried the CFS, I would give it and the gravy an 8. The green beans were outstanding! I got Jimmy’s Garbage Breakfast, which is basically hashbrowns covered with fried onions, sausage, and a couple eggs (got my sunny side up). I further dumped gravy on. This was really, really, really good. The meal came with toast or biscuits and gravy (I got the B&G, but dumped the gravy on the main meal, and had the biscuits with butter and strawberry jam.

The tea was strong and kept refilled. Service was pretty good in spite of how crowded the restaurant was. Our check was about $32, which I think was really good value for the four of us. I would gladly go back.

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