Virginia Kitchen, Herndon, VA

Waffle King's Virginia Kitchen on Urbanspoon

I had every intention of hitting Five Guys for lunch today, but when I walked by Virginia Kitchen and checked the menu I just had to try it. I’m glad I did!

I ordered the honey-injected chicken. This turned out to be a four-piece traditional fried chicken meal. The pieces were a bit small, but for a lunch they were the right size. They had a nice crispy crust, and the meat was perfectly moist and had great flavor. The meal came with really good mashers (not enough gravy!), and a mixed veg that was a bit mushy. The chicken is fried up when you order it, and it takes 20+ minutes to cook, so plan accordingly (there are a number of other good items on the menu, including breakfast).

A couple of women at the table next to mine were impressed by the size of the meal. Little did they know, I handily put that whole plate away, no problem! 🙂

Service was good, the iced tea was excellent. My check was $11.88. This was a diner-like experience that I’m glad I ran across. I didn’t notice until I was checking out, but they had a cooler full of home-made pie in a lot of flavors.


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