Hiking Hitchcock Nature Center, Crescent, IA

I’m catching up on some posts due to being quite on the go for a couple weeks.

I was in the Omaha area the week of 23 April. On the 24th, my meeting got out a little early, and so I decided to hike at Hitchcock Nature Center. It’s north of Crescent, IA, which is about 10 miles northeast of Omaha, in the rolling hills east of the Missouri River.

Summary, 3.6 miles, lots of up and down, lots of bugs.

I got there around 1600. The very nice and enthusiastic young lady in the visitor center pointed me at the trails on the north side of the center. They have water at the visitor center, and leave the doors to the restrooms open there as well, a nice touch. The center also has a very tall observation tower to walk up, with fantastic views. It costs $2 to get in. The gate doesn’t close until 2200.

The trails are pretty easy to follow for the most part. The main part of the part is very well signed.

The north part of the park had some fairly trackless areas. I took a slight detour to look at a farm that was FULL of very large tadpoles (like, 5″ long tadpoles).

Here is the ground track and altitude.

Lots of up and down!

My recommendation: bring bug spray! I was constantly waving gnats away from my face, and picked about 10 ticks off my socks. It was unseasonably hot, which meant a lot of sweating.

But this is a very nice area for a walk. I saw no animals except for tadpoles and some birds, including a couple bluebirds and what I think was a gold finch. I’m looking forward to going back.

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