Mother’s Day at Saltgrass Steakhouse, Oklahoma City, OK

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We can’t hardly get Raegans parents into a restaurant. This past weekend we determined to have Mother’s Day out, picked the Saltgrass, and it helped that her brother was in town for his yearly visit from Germany.

We got there at 1430, and with the call ahead seating we were at the table in less than five minutes.

We started off with three appetizers: fried mushrooms, loaded fries, and a crab stack. The wheat bread was an excellent addition.

Everybody had potato soup except Raegans Mom, who had a wedge salad.

Ian and I had the bone-in ribeyes; Tom and Loretta had the Mother’s Day special, a 10 oz ribeye with a side of BBQ shrimp; Erin had a chicken fried chicken; Blaine had an 11 oz top sirloin, and Raegan had baby back ribs. Every bit of this was excellent; every scrap was eaten (except that I took home about 1/3 of my steak; those bone-ins were 24 oz (!), and with the appetizers and all the steak just made it too much).

One more word about my steak; it was thick (more then 1″), but it was a perfect medium, with just a hint of charring on a bit of the fat around the rim of the steak. Whoever was cooking did an outstanding job with that meat. It was also very tender (there’s no way a 1″ slab can be fork tender) and had a lot of flavor as well. It was great value. Ian did a number on his steak: the bone that was left behind looked like it was from the Museum of Osteology!

We ended the meal with a large slab of cheesecake and another slab of chocolate cake.

Service was really good, in spite of the fact that the Saltgrass was pretty much full, and stayed busy the entire time we where. So, this was an expensive meal. OTOH, there were seven of us, and we got some of the most expensive meals (for example, those bone-in ribeyes were $31), and multiple appetizers. Our check was $258.81, which makes it the second most expensive meal we’ve had as a family. We were there almost two hours, and had a great time. It was worth it for the company and the pleasant experience.


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