Mamasita’s, Oklahoma City, OK

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We’ve passed Mamasita’s about four zillion times over the past 20mumble years. Last Monday we decided to give it a try. We got there around 1700 and left around 1830.

Raegan got a blue corn tortilla chicken enchilada. She said it was OK, but she didn’t know that the tortilla was true from blue cord, in that it… bled. Erin got a chicken quesadilla, and Ian got a cheese quesadilla. I got an El Grande Burro, which is a largish burrito filled with (in my case) ground beef. We also got a bowl of spiced queso.

The rest of the family said that their meals were “OK” at best. Raegan was not entirely happy with hers. In contrast, I really liked my burrito. I thought that the filling had a wonderful taste that was the right balance of spices. It seemed to me to be like a casserole in a tortilla. It was excellent.

The iced tea was not very good, I think it was instant. Service was curt, at best. It seemed to me that our server was much more interested in something else, and so he would rush up to the table, and hurry off again. We didn’t see him very often. The restaurant was not crowded at all the entire time we were there. Our check was $49.95.

Would we go back? Probably not. I really liked that burro, but if it did not appeal to Raegan then we have a showstopper there. If I were by myself in town one evening, then maybe I would go back, but probably not.


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One Response to “Mamasita’s, Oklahoma City, OK”

  1. L. G. Ellis Says:

    We love Mamasita’s. We tried it thanks to a Groupon order. Both of us like the blue corn tortillas and the fact that they bring both cheese and red sauces with the chips. It’s a smallish place but with a great atmosphere.

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