Violent Protests, Probably Not A Good Idea

I just saw an article on Channel 5 here in OKC, about the protests at the NATO summit in Chicago. A police spokesman was being interviewed about why the police put on protective gear. He said that the protesters were throwing stuff at the cops, so they had to be protected.

I think that any violence during a protest, whether throwing stuff at the police, or setting off a bomb, is counterproductive at best. It immediately turns the focus to the victims, and if the victims include police, you have now made a deadly enemy even deadlier.

It’s far better to use the vote to make changes. That requires people to get interested and to question politicians to ensure that what the polits do in office what they say when they are running, and if they do stuff in office that they didn’t talk about before, then they need to be replaced.

The reverse also needs to be true, of course. Protesters should not be assaulted by police if they are peacefully protesting, location be damned.

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