Slim Chicken’s, Edmond, OK

Slim Chickens on Urbanspoon

I was sort of hoping this place would have fried chicken. It’s really mainly tenders and some wings. It’s not bad, though. We stopped in this evening, and even ate outside on the patio.

I got a 5 and 5 Platter, which is five tenders and five wings. Raegan got the 3 and 3. My wings were BBQ, hers were buffalo. The meal comes with dipping sauces (we got ranch and BBQ) and fries. The tenders were really good. The wings were decent, but on the small side.

Ian and Erin got tenders and liked them. Raegan and Erin also fried pies (peach for Raegan and chocolate for Erin). The peach was very good, the chocolate OK.

We also got some fried pickles. Those were pretty good, although quite salty.

The tea was OK. The meal was $50.03. For fast food, in paper baskets, it wasn’t all that good a value.


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One Response to “Slim Chicken’s, Edmond, OK”

  1. Raegan Says:

    Meh. Never going back. Expensive, little variety, salty, bland tea.

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