Riverside Cafe, Medicine Park, OK

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The kids and I were hiking in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Monday, and wanted lunch. We drove through Medicine Park, and saw the sign for Riverside Cafe and decided to give it a try.

The one downer here was that the restaurant was apparently understaffed. We waited for a table (there was no line) for almost 10 minutes before the Official Seater came out. Several other employees saw us standing there during this time. We waited a little bit for our order to be taken. The food got there in a reasonable time. About 10 minutes after we were seated, at least five more tables were seated; two of them were seven people. The speed of service picked up after that; I think someone made a decision and assigned more people to be servers.

We got there around 1315 and left about 1445.

Erin got a chicken fried chicken. I got chicken fried steak. Ian got a cheeseburger. All of this was excellent! The CFC was thick, tender, and delicious. The CFS was breaded up perfectly, and had really good flavor; it was pretty tender, but not fork tender, so I rate it 9 out of 10. Ians cheeseburger was 1/3 lb, perfectly cooked, and with outstanding flavor. The fries were OK. The iced tea was excellent. Erin also got a root beer float. She said it needed more ice cream but that didn’t stop her from scarfing it down.

Our check was $32. We took tea with us. If I’m in Medicine Park again, I wouldn’t mind going back here.

The Cafe is on the bank of Medicine Creek. There is a stair from the dining deck down to the walk along the creek. We walked along the path on both sides of the creek for a while; it’s a good 60 ft or more wide, deep, and divided with low water dams into swimming holes along its length. A very nice outdoors area. Given the temps of 95F, the hundreds of people swimming and sunning seemed to be enjoying themselves.

There was some sort of music festival going on last weekend, and a lot of motorcyclists in the area.

Medicine Park is a nice little town.


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2 Responses to “Riverside Cafe, Medicine Park, OK”

  1. Bubba White Says:

    Please look up the definition of the word “random” in a dictionary and learn how to use it properly.

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    Hi, Bubba! I did just that. From dictionary.com:

    Proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern: the blog is random in that it’s not focused on one area. There is lots of food, but many cuisines; you never know what’s next. That, to me, is random.

    Odd and unpredictable in an amusing way: again, many topics, whatever suits me as interest of commentary.

    So I think I’m good in using that term. Other thoughts?

    Cheers, Bill

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