Branding Iron BBQ, Lawton, OK

Branding Iron BBQ on Urbanspoon

Last Friday, Ian and I were driving to camp at Quartz Mountain after making a drop off in the Wichita Mountains. We needed dinner, and the Branding Iron was on the way. We got there about 1700 and left at 1745. It was uncrowded.

Ian got a half slab of ribs with fries. I got a two meat with chopped brisket and chicken. I don’t remember my sides. They will add a piece of meat for $1.50, so I had them add a piece of fried catfish. I also had one of Ians ribs. All of this was excellent! The ribs were not the most smoky I’ve had, but they had a lot of meat on them, and they were very tender. The brisket was excellent, nice and tender. The chicken was really good also. It was juicy all the way through, tender, and lots of flavor. I also have to admit, the fried catfish was the best I have ever tasted. I’m not a big fish fan, but that catfish was tasty, flaky and firm, and excellent crust. The sides were all good also.

Our check was just over $32. A bit expensive, but we got a LOT of food. The iced tea was excellent! I would gladly eat at Branding Iron again.


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