Easy Printing

I needed to print a document this morning. I was sitting in a car in a parking lot in downtown Edmond.

Fortunately, downtown Edmond has wifi. Raegan emailed me the file that needed printing. I downloaded it, played with the column settings a bit, and exported it as a PDF to a flash drive.

There was a FedEx Kinkos about three blocks away, so I walked over there.

A very slick setup at the self-serve printer/copier. It sucks your credit card in, prompts you to plug in your flash drives, you select a file using the touchscreen, it previews, and prints.

I was in and out in three minutes with the four pages I needed. Total cost: $0.44.

There was an option to print from a smartphone also (and I had the file on my Blackberry).

So this was convenient and inexpensive, a good experience.


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