Stables Cafe, Guthrie, OK

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We were looking for lunch yesterday in Guthrie will little luck. Two places out of business, one closed at 1400. We hit Stables in spite of some bad reviews.

Should have listened to those.

Turns out we’ve been there at least once before. Don’t remember what I thought of that visit. The menu talked about BBQ (good) and an option to have it “smokehouse style”. I asked our server what that was, but she didn’t know. Hmmm…

We started with tea and thin onion rings, both excellent. I really like the rings.

I got a two-meat BBQ, with brisket and ribs. The brisket was almost corned, way salty and no smoke flavor, not particularly tender. The ribs were OK. I didn’t finish either. The slaw was vinegar-based. The pintos were ok. I never got the o-rings side I ordered. Erin got a decent bacon cheeseburger. Raegan had a good pulled-pork sandwich. Ian had a decent chicken fried steak with very good gravy and good mashers.

His CFS had a piece of wax paper cooked right in. We showed it to the manager, who showed no interest.

Our check was $65.26. I think the CFS should have been comp’d. It was an expensive meal that didn’t have the quality to justify the cost.
We will not be back.


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6 Responses to “Stables Cafe, Guthrie, OK”

  1. Raegan Says:

    The problem with Guthrie is, if one does not want chain-based-fast-food, there is simply no place to eat. Erin and I did have a lot of fun visiting the Victorian Tea Room, but that’s a call-ahead treat event, not really a family-friendly lunch or dinner.

  2. Kyle Gregory (@kg2495) Says:

    BarMac has superior barbq on the old (west) side of Guthrie, “over the bridge”.

  3. Bill Hensley Says:

    Kyle, thanks! I will certainly check that place out.

  4. Debbie Prather Says:

    Hi Bill, I’m sorry your server couldn’t explain that a “Steakhouse BBQ dinner” is a BBQ dinner that, instead of being served with traditional BBQ sides is served with the sides that would normally be served with a Steak. So many people have, in the past, exchanged their onion rings, beans and slaw for baked potato and salad bar for which we charged an upcharge. To eliminate this extra charge we designed this menu choice to satisfy our customers demand without the extra cost. Chances are the server knows what it comes with but may not necessarily know why I named it this. We always listen to the requests of our customers and try to always give them a fair deal. I’m not sure how many dined that evening but I am sure there was a lot of food served and then a couple of salad bars that were included. We feel as though our prices are below average for the quality and quantity of food that is served but you are certainly entitled to your opinion. It does sound as though you were pleased with most of our food. C’mon back and try us again! I’ll give you that free Chicken Fry they should have comped for you the first time!

  5. vicnormal Says:

    Stables has certainly been on my “must stop” list whenever I am passing through Guthrie. Love the food, the wait staff, the atmosphere and the friendly smiles from all. It is always packed, this certainly can’t make it a bad place to eat. I have always been pleased for the last 10 years of visits, no matter what I get.

  6. Angela Eichor (@NewHopeStudios) Says:

    Hi Bill… I can HAPPILY recommend Boneyard Grill and Gage’s Steakhouse, both in Guthrie. Those are my favorites. I could eat Boneyard every day. At Boneyard, our favorite is the Bonestack or the Old Fashioned Onion Burger. Stacey is our favorite waitress, but they are all good and give great service.

    Gage’s is Guthrie’s upscale restaurant, and prices are what you might expect from such. It’s priced similarly to Cafe 501 in Edmond. The steaks are delicious… in fact everything we’ve had, has been very good. The staff was very professional from the front door to the moment we left the building.

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