Pepe’s Mexican, Edmond, OK

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Last evening, my very cute and usually specific-location-challenged roommate announced that she would like some tex-mex. I had Ian call Ted’s to see what the wait was, but the number Google provided was busy. Since that’s not a good sign, we went looking elsewhere, and settled on Pepe’s.

We got there around 1930 and left around 2030. Pepe’s was 10% or less occupied the entire time.

We started out with a plate of ground beef, bean, and cheese nachos. Raegan and Erin got a chicken chimi, I got ground beef enchiladas delux, and Ian got three beef soft tacos. Iced tea all around. The queso was OK, but the salsa was thin and watery.

The meal was bland. There was no flavor to any of the ground beef, or the chicken. The salsa had no heat whatsoever. The beans and rice were bland. So it wasn’t a bad meal, it just wasn’t a good meal.

Service was outstanding, the tea was kept refilled. Our check was $45.24. Not bad, until you consider that fully $10 of that was the nachos. Take that away, and the check was in the low $30 range, which is a really good value.

But the food needs to be jazzed up a bit. The ground beef and chicken were likely cooked plain and then built and cooked and served. It needed to be cooked in a bit of spice first.

So would I go back? Probably. But if the next meal is as bland as this time, there will not be a third.


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