Mitt Romney Continues To Lie

I guess that the Republican near-nominee just doesn’t have anything to offer voters except for horsecrap. He lies, and when called out for it, doesn’t even acknowledge it.

Today he stated in a speech that Obama has never put forth a jobs plan. Well, anyone who refers to the famous plot showing jobs recovery since several months after Obama took office will see that something happened to reverse the jobs loss. That would be the Obama plan that he could implement for getting the economy turned around.

There are also numerous jobs bills that Obama submitted to the Congress. These were either bottled up by the Senate Republicans, or not even heard by the House Republicans.

What of “jobs first” Boehner? I wrote earlier about the so-called “20 jobs bills” touted by Boehner, most of which are little bills to tweak regulations. The most stupid of this is a bill that bans any regulation of dust produced by farms. This is a “jobs bill”? No way.

There’s a lot of other stuff. Romney states as fact that Obama wants to make the government in charge of 100% of the economy. The statement is foolish and stupid, and not true. Yet Romney repeats it over and over.

He’s been “quoting” from a book by an economist that the economist warned the Obama Administration that the stimulus would crash the economy, and so therefore Obama did it on purpose. Not true, the economist was interviewed on Rachel Maddow and he stated flat out that he never said or intended to say anything like that, and that he informed the Romney campaign. No retractions, no corrections, not even just stopping saying the lies.

He is unworthy of the Presidency just for these reasons. The policies he supports are worse.

3 Responses to “Mitt Romney Continues To Lie”

  1. Raegan Says:

    I will not vote for any Republican, probably ever again. I’m tired of the anti-women bills across this nation. Romney’s desire to reduce teachers, police and fire personnel is awful. I’d rather lose politicians.

  2. Dan Says:

    You two are such liberal idiots!

  3. Bill Hensley Says:

    Dan, I don’t know who you are, but it’s kind of cowardly to start calling people you know nothing about “idiots”, especially when you don’t identify yourself.

    Someone who was a little more grown might have pointed out where my post was wrong.

    Every single fact I call out is true. If you chose to ignore the facts, you are of course entitled to do that. But if you accept lies without questioning them, you really have no cause to call anyone else “idiot”.

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