Interurban, Edmond, OK

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We were looking for someplace we had not been to in a while, and decided on Interurban. We got there around 1845 and left close to 2000.

We started off with onion rings. They were mass-produced generic rings. OK at best.

Raegan got babyback ribs, Ian got a CFS, and Erin and I got cheeseburgers. I didn’t try her ribs, and the bite of CFS I got was generic as well. My cheeseburger had some hard-charred places on the edge. Most of the burger was OK. The tea was unremarkable.

Interurban used to be excellent. It is bland and boring now. I don’t know that I will ever return. Our check was $60.90. Service was excellent.

I reviewed another Interurban about a year ago. Bland and boring seem to have been the issue then as well.


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2 Responses to “Interurban, Edmond, OK”

  1. Raegan Says:

    We used to eat at the Interurban on N May all the time, years ago. I think it must have been our favorite place to go.

    My ribs were way too spicy–it just overwhelmed the meat flavor. They were tender enough, just too spicy.I really like their beer-batter muffins with that honey-cinnamon butter, but everything else was just “ok.” Too expensive for an “ok” meal.

  2. L. G. Ellis Says:

    We’ve lived in Edmond 17 years and I would rate Interurban as the very best mid-priced restaurant around. It also has a varied menu to suit my changing tastes. I was only disappointed once during this time–recently they served me a beer-batter muffin that was about half normal size and very, very hard. It was either quite old or quite overdone–perhaps both. Maybe leavening agent was omitted. I asked for another and received a similar muffin–totally unaceptable–very dense. A very weak apology was given. As I finished my meal, I noted that proper -sized and proper appearing muffins were coming out on plates, but no one offered to replace mine even tho the server noted that I didn’t eat the second one either and I explained again why.

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