Some New Speed Limits in TX

I came over the OK/TX border this morning on I-35 to find the speed limit went from 70 in OK to 75 in TX! This is a Good Thing. I hope the new speed limits also apply to I-40 through the TX Panhandle.

The other thing that was good: the old night time drop of the limit from 70 to 65 is gone (at least, the sign in, so I hope the lower limit is also).

This will make these long trips a bit shorter. The turnpikes in OK have been 75 for some years now, and I hope that the interstates and major roads will see an increase in the limit.

2 Responses to “Some New Speed Limits in TX”

  1. Tom Says:

    Those went into effect 1Jan this year. You’ve been spending too much time in other places! Now if they can just raise the speed on LBJ so it’s at least half the speed limit…..

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