Republicans and Loyalty Oaths

Rachel Maddow just had an interesting discussion about the use of loyalty oaths within the Republican Party.

Seems that Mitt Romney forces have tried to use loyalty oaths to Romney to freeze out supporters of other candidates, notably Ron Paul. The Bush-Cheney campaign used loyaty oaths ever times, including one that had to be signed before admittance to a speech Cheney was giving in New Mexico during that campaign.

The Bush-Cheney campaigns (both of them) also used a tactic of only inviting local Republican forces to campaign rallies, not the general public, while the Democrats allowed anyone to their rallies, including Bush-Cheney hecklers.

This is part of the insular world of Republican politics. Conformity to the Party Line in all things.

I’ve never heard of Democrat candidates or committees using this kind of loyalty oath.

This is another example of the general differences between the parties. Democrats have a wide range of views on various topics. Republicans have a relatively few issues and generally one view acceptable.

Thinkers generally are not welcome in Republican circles. That’s the major reason I am not a Republican any more.


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