Gabriella’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria, Oklahoma City, OK

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We have passed Gabriella’s as it was being put together, and looking forward to trying it. There is a dearth of restaurants between the St. John’s area and our house, so any new restaurant is a good thing.

Raegan and Ian and I ate dinner here tonight. We got to the restaurant about 1715 and left about 1845. It was a very good meal. The meal started out with a family-style salad and bread. The bread was a combination of loaf bread, fairly rough texture, and very tasty, along with some baked garlic bread strips, excellent. The salad had a creamy garlic type dressing on it that had just the right amount of bite, and was largely romaine lettuce. Good stuff.

We also got a meat ravioli appetizer. The ravioli were large, 2-3″ across, and the filling was very finely ground beef. The ravioli were uniformly non-uniform, so it’s likely they were handmade. Excellent. These were served with a heavily garlic-laced marinara.

My meal was perfect. I got a bowl (large serving!) of chicken and fettuccine al fredo. The al fredo was not too rich, and had wonderful flavor. The noodles were just a little short of being fully cooked when the meal came, but they finished cooking over the next bit. The chicken was tender. It was shaved, which is different from most presentations.

Raegan had manicotti. It was very good, and they prepared it the way she likes it, which is two manicotti, one with red sauce, and the other with white sauce. She couldn’t finish it, so brought it home for lunch tomorrow.

Ian had a bit of a meltdown meal-wise. He is not a fan of spaghetti (what’s wrong with the boy?). So he ordered chicken parmesan, but, he asked for his side to be fettuccine al fredo. The usual presentation of this is the chicken parm on half the plate, covered with marinara, with the fettuccine al fredo on the side. Instead, he got a bowl of fettuccine al fredo, with the chicken parm was placed on top of the pile of noodles, with no marinara. I think we were entitled to send the food back for being redone, but I’m always afraid that they would toss the existing food, so he ate it as delivered. The chicken was sliced into 1/4″ wide strips; I think the chicken could have been left whole.

I’m not sure about the quantity of Ian’s meal. The menu claimed that the chicken parm was two chicken breasts, but he clearly only had one. I should have raised this with the restaurant; I think I will drop them an email.

Service was uneven. We got left for stretches, and for some reason our server just would not fill the tea glasses all the way up. Repeatedly. After we got our check, I wanted to get an itemized receipt, but our server disappeared for ten+ minutes, and then after I flagged him down I waited another ten, but finally just left, without the receipt. Our check was about $64.00.

This was a superior food experience. If they can get the server issues worked out, they will have a winner.


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One Response to “Gabriella’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria, Oklahoma City, OK”

  1. Raegan Says:

    I think it possible that the server was dealing with multiple tables and was simply overwhelmed. The dressing on the salad was an oil/vinegar–I really liked it. The antipasti was good, and I was careful to keep it away from the pasta–we didn’t want any reactions to occur. Bread was good, raviolis were good.

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