The ACA is Upheld

I’m glad the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was upheld.

From a philosophical point, I cannot justify letting insurance companies control health care. Putting profit before the health of the people of the United States is not ethical. There have been numerous studies that indicate that tens of thousands of people die every year due to lack of access to health care because they cannot get insurance.

Although most of the talk today has been about the “individual mandate”, there are two provisions that are to me far more important. The first is prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage due to “pre-existing conditions”, and the other is the removal of lifetime caps on benefits. Both of these, in particular removal of the “pre-existing conditions” restriction, will hopefully get more people to the doctor and prevent some of those unnecessary deaths. I also think that getting seniors prescription drug benefits and included “well-senior” checkups will enhance their wellbeing.

I would rather have seen a single-payer system that eliminated insurance, but at least the ACA is a step in the right direction.


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