Murphy’s Family Grill, Midwest City, OK

Murphy's Family Grill on Urbanspoon

I drove past Murphy’s a couple weeks ago; it’s in a former Grandy’s. Tuesday, after a round of golf at the base, I decided to have lunch at Murphy’s.

I got there around 1145 and left about 1230. They have free wifi; I used it to do a quick assignment for work while I was having lunch. The wifi is open, but protected by Cisco Connect; my server told me the password.

I got the Shepherd’s Pie. Excellent! It was just right for lunch size-wise. The pie was a scoop of seasoned beef with carrots and peas and onions, and maybe other stuff. This had a large dome of mashers. My only comment here is that the pie should have been baked to put a nice crust on the potatoes. This is a minor comment. I ate every bit of the meal, it was excellent.

The iced tea was great and kept refilled. Service was very attentive. I don’t have my check here, but it was about $11.00. I like this place, I will go back.


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