Jamil’s Steakhouse, Oklahoma City, OK

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Their slogan is “Thick Hickory Grilled Steaks”. I have been to the original Jamil’s in Tulsa many times. It was a family favorite. The steaks were sublime. I have not been since the original location moved a couple years ago due to the I-44 widening project there. We ate at the location in Edmond many years ago, and were dreadfully disappointed.

So last Friday, Raegan told me that I could choose where we went to dinner. I chose Jamil’s. We got there around 1800 and left around 1930. We walked in and it took a while for our eyes to adjust – the place was dark as a tomb. I fired up my Blackberry in video mode to activate the LED (which is very bright) to get enough light to read the menu.

We got the usual appetizers of smoked bologna (very good) and cabbage rolls (decent). The tea was pretty good. I was disappointed that the small smoked ribs were not included, as they are in Tulsa.

I got the porterhouse. Raegan got the ribs. Ian got the CFS, and Erin got the chicken strips.

Erins chicken strips were excellent. They tasted like actual fried chicken. Ians chicken fried steak was bland; it was not worth the $21 cost. Raegans ribs were pretty good. My steak was charred a couple places. It wasn’t fork tender (there is no way a steak that is almost two inches thick can be), but it had decent flavor.

My overall evaluation: hmmmm… The meal was good, but not great. Service was OK. Our check was $127.25. Very expensive. But I don’t think it is worth the cost.

Again, I look at Longhorn. The last steak I had at Longhorn was a T-Bone, and it was fork tender all the way, flavorful, and only $22. The Jamil’s steak was on the order of $36.

And I have yet to taste a chicken fried steak that was worth $20+. Period.

So, a good meal, but way over-priced. Maybe they needed extra to pay the light bill.


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