The Bunnery Bakery and Restaurant, Jackson, WY

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Well, we didn’t have a very good intro to Jackson, WY. We got to town this afternoon, and the first three restaurants we tried were closed. One other was a pizza-by-the-slice place that had two varieties – cheese and pepperoni. We finally decided to hit the Bunnery; we had driven past it earlier but an ambulance behind us didn’t allow us to park.

We got there around 1300; there was no one queued. However, we were told the kitchen was swamped, and we would be held for 10 min or so while they got caught up. We asked to be seated anyway, but were told no, the server would take our order and so further swamp the kitchen. So after about 10 min we were seated. We didn’t see a server for another 10 min. We got our drinks ordered; the iced tea was good.

I tried a sample of the house chili; pretty good. The cup I got wasn’t; it was far more chunky, and I ate very little of it. Raegan got some split pea with ham soup that was OK. She got a spinach salad that she reports as excellent; she loved the balsamic dressing. Ian got a philly steak sandwich and liked it. Erin got a chicken ceasar salad and ate little of it (she was excited to be headed to camp); I tried it and liked it. I got a turkey sandwich that was pretty good, except it was ham and turkey. Raegan ordered a carrot cupcake that they ran out of. Ian ordered a slice of chocolate cake for dessert that we all tried and liked.

All of this cost $62.59. I do not think the meal was worth the price. For decent soup and sandwiches, the cost should have have been far less. I realize that Jackson is a tourist town, but the cost was out of line for the value received. Service was decent but occasionally showed long gaps. I don’t think I would go again.


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