Republicans Continue to Lie

There have been a number of instances in the past couple days where the Republicans have shown that they would rather lie than try to defend their policies.

Romney spoke to the VFW in Las Vegas, and he repeated several of the lies that he routinely uses to describe the policies of the President. Romney made the accusation that someone in the Administration had leaked classified information and that there should be an investigation. He provided no proof, no evidence. That is a lie.

Several Republicans took the words of the President pertaining to how most success in this country is based off of existing infrastructure, and misinterpreted them. The misinterpretation is either clueless or deliberate. If deliberate, then they are lying.

Michele Bachmann made accusations against a senior aide to SecState Clinton based on the fact that the aide is Muslim, or has a Muslim name. Newt Gingrich jumped in to agree. Again, no evidence was presented.

I do not think that the Republican policies can be defended, so they are just trying to sow discord by throwing any crap that they can think of. Their standard bearer is among the worst. He does not deserve to lead the country.


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