Audrey’s Pizza Oven, Bozeman, MT

Audrey's Pizza Oven on Urbanspoon

We have been eating in a lot of cafes on this trip, and decided some Italian was in order. Audrey’s was excellent!

We ordered a couple things. I got the chicken fettuccine al fredo. It wasn’t as creamy as some I have had, but the al fredo was wonderful. The noodles were al dente, and there was a whole pile of grilled chicken on top. My only suggestions for improvement: saute the chicken, then toss it in the pasta and sauce.

Ian got a 12″ sausage pizza, and Raegan and I split a pizza. Her half was cheese, mine pepperoni and sausage. Those two pizzas rocked. Perfectly cooked, outstanding flavor; all the ingredients melded together flavor-wise. Those were two of the best pizzas I have ever had.

The tea was strong and had an odd aftertaste; I think it was the water. A bit of sugar ameliorated the aftertaste.

We ended up taking half of Ians pizza back to the hotel, along with part of Raegans half, and part of my pasta. That’s likely to be dinner tomorrow evening.

Service was right on the money. The food was perfect. Our check was $41.70, outstanding value. Recommended.


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