The Country Bounty, Salida, CO

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We were cruising Salida Saturday after visiting Great Sand Dunes National Park to the south, and stopped in for lunch.

We were seated immediately, but had to wait for our server for a while – about 10 minutes. This became a problem during the meal. He would not come out for a while, or bring something to another table and walk off without looking around. This was consistent, and not professional at all.

In a bit of this-is-better, we had an entire pitcher of iced tea left at the table. I wish more restaurants would do this.

I started us off with nachos supreme. They didn’t have a great deal of ground beef, but were OK.

Raegan got a garlic grilled pork loin sandwich. She wanted chips, but they never were delivered. The sandwich was really good.

Erin got a buffalo (bison) burger. She wanted mayo and cheese, and both were missed. It took a while to rectify the situation with our server MIA.

Ian got a CFS. The server admitted that the CFS was pre-breaded, but that it was angus beef or somesuch. Ian liked it; I tried a bite and it was decent.

I got a smothered burrito. Great stuff. The burrito had a mass of spicy ground beef, beans, and cheese in it. The salsa was just the right temperature. The rice and beans were also great.

Our check was $68.20. A bit expensive for lunch, but the meat-light nachos were $11 of that total. A pretty good meal, it would have been better if the server had been a bit more on the ball. We got there around 1400 and left around 1530.


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