Clark’s Fork, Bozeman, MT

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We were headed out of Bozeman yesterday noonish and looking for lunch. We decided on Clark’s Fork simply because it was across the parking lot from the bank where we got cash from the ATM, and there were quite a lot of cars in the lot. It was a great find!

We got there about 1215 and left an hour later. Raegan got a CYO – Create Your Own, focaccia bread with ham and turkey, and the salad bar. The sandwich was huge! It was far more than she could eat. We took it with us, and shared the other half for a snack in Yellowstone. The salad bar was unique – it had raspberries, corn, and other things you don’t normally see on a salad bar, great concept and implementation.

Ian and I both got the Hot Mess. This was the single best breakfast I have had on this trip, or even in a long while. Basically, a couple excellent biscuits get covered with diced fried potatoes, then a couple eggs over-medium, and slathered with some of the best sausage gravy I have had away from our house. It truly is a Mess. It was wonderful. It was one of those rare meals that I could eat until I exploded. And I might have: I could only finish about half of it. Ian ate every bit of his, mainly in silence. Love that Hot Mess!

Our check was $32.35. Good value for the quality and quantity of food. The iced tea was a little strong; Ian hated it but I thought it was OK. The staff was hugely friendly. They have good wifi for free.

There are quotes and illustrations on the walls from the Lewis and Clark expedition, mostly food related. Raegan and I both enjoyed them immensely.

The kids menus was named “Little Pomps”; Raegan remembered that Pomp was the name of Sacajawea’s little one; a nice historical touch. The restaurant has a lot of toys and stuff for kids to play with during the meal; I approve!

Clark’s Fork is highly recommended.


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One Response to “Clark’s Fork, Bozeman, MT”

  1. cbrci Says:

    Clark’s Fork truly is a great find. Next time you’re in town you must try their enormous pastries…so good!

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