The Pickle Barrel, Bozeman, MT

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We hit The Pickle Barrel after a very enjoyable visit to the nearby Computer Museum. The PB is north of the college campus.

We got there around 1430 and left around 1520. The actual restaurant is mainly the place you order from. There is a small patio area just outside with maybe five tables with shades over them. All of the tables were full, except for the biggest one, which had four places available, but the people there didn’t want to share, the rude pigs. We took our food across the street onto the campus, found a picnic table under some beautiful shady trees, and had our lunch there.

Ian and I got cheese steaks. These are thin-sliced and grilled beef with onions (green peppers and mushrooms are an option). That’s where the comparison to Philly-style steaks ends. The meat is grilled with BBQ sauce, with provolone cheese grated right into the mess. It’s dumped out on a white sub roll. That was one fine sandwich. Ian and I both polished off ours without any effort. I would have liked to have it on wheat.

Raegan got a 1/4 ham and swiss with lettuce and tomato. She said the ham was excellent, although she is not crazy about white bread.

A word about size: the half sandwich is 8 inches; the full is 16″!

The have fountain drinks but no iced tea. I had lemonade. They are a Pepsi shop for the fountain stuff, but have bottled Coke. Overall, a very good sandwich, and eating outside with the nice temperature and no bugs was pleasant. Our check was $24.15. The staff was super nice.


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