Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, Rock Springs, WY

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We stopped at Cafe Rio largely because it was next door to the Hastings book and music store. Cafe Rio is sorta like Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Raegan and Erin split a chicken quesadilla. The chicken was a bit greasier than I would have expected, but it was tasty!

Ian got three chicken soft tacos. The small bite I had was good; Ian demolished them. ‘Nuff said. He also got a side of the pinto beans, and ate every scrap.

I got… something. I usually like the Chipotle burrito bowl. Cafe Rio sort of folded the edges up on a tortilla to make a bowl, then filled it with double shredded chicken (this was in a sorta spicy sauce instead of just grilled), black beans, lettuce, and who knows what all. The hot salsa really wasn’t very hot, but the meal overall was really good. I didn’t leave any of it.

We got a side of queso and chips. The chips were excellent, light and crispy. The queso wasn’t very hot, either thermally or taste-wise, and it was quite thick. I think it needed to be thinned.

The place had a huge variety of drinks, including no less than four iced teas, a large soda selection, and several lemonades. The iced tea was China Mist, which I am wary of, but it wasn’t too bad. I left with some Coke in my cup; that tells you something.

Our check was $44.70. A bit expensive, but good. The staff was really friendly and funny. They would occasionally do the equivalent of a huzza; when I specified double meat I got one. I noticed another Cafe Rio here in Vernal, UT as we got into town, so I guess they are a chainlet. I wouldn’t have any problem eating in one again.


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2 Responses to “Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, Rock Springs, WY”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Thanks for the shout out Amigo. Well done.

  2. katheryn Says:

    Bad service Mariana is a crazy girl I don’t know where she’s from but she’s thinking bill clinton dauther.they need more nice people.

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