Net’s Cafe, Maybell, CO

Net's Cafe on Urbanspoon

We were cruising east on US 40 after visiting Dinosaur National Monument, it was past lunch and we were hungry. We passed through Maybell and were pleased to note that Net’s was open.

We got there around 1530 and left around 1615.

Raegan got a BLT and pronounced it yummy. The BLT came with really good thin-cut fries.

Erin and Ian both got cheeseburgers. Ian ordered his as a double at first, then our server informed him it was a *pound* of beef. He then downgraded to a normal half pounder. I ended up eating part of Erins, it was excellent beef, great flavor, and with just the right amount of crust on the meat. The burgers were on square, fairly dense, and excellent bread, instead of the standard burger buns. These came with fries as well.

I got a CFS. It was breaded up there (the breading was really good and did a good job of sticking to the beef), and was 100% fork tender. Great flavor. I’d rate theat CFS a 9.5. It came with very good gravy.

We all got excellent iced tea. Service was prompt and extremely friendly. Our check was $41.38. If you are passing through Maybell, Net’s is an excellent choice for lunch. The breakfast menu had the usual items on it, plus some items that were “imported” from other towns in the region, that looked very good as well.


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