Old Faithful Snow Lodge Geyser Grill (Yellowstone National Park)

Old Faithful Snow Lodge Geyser Grill on Urbanspoon

We did a long driving tour of Yellowstone last Friday; we had found it very hard to tear ourselves away from Bozeman. We targeted Old Faithful for the last activity, watched it erupt, and then went in search for a lightish dinner.

The Geyser Grill is in the Snow Lodge at Old Faithful Village. We got there at 2045; they close at 2100.

Raegan got a pulled pork; it was very large, so I helped her finish it ( 🙂 ). It was pretty good. Ian and I got cheeseburgers; they were not the best I have had, but were far from the worst. For a mass-produced item in a National Park, not bad. I also got a bowl of beef chili; it was chilly outside (in the 50s). That was really pretty good chili; hot to counteract the chill outside, and just the right amount of spice. It went well with the cheeseburger.

They don’t have iced tea; they have Nestea (which is not tea). I got a Coke that was pretty good.

We left the Grill about 2130; the staff showed no inclination to hurry us out while they where cleaning and closing, which I appreciated. Our check was $33.42; not bad at all for a National Park meal. I would eat here again; in fact, I want to eat here again, since it would mean we were back in Yellowstone.


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