Napoli’s Italian Restaurant, Hays, KS

Napoli's Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

As we cruised through the rolling flat lands of west-central Kansas, we were getting hungry. I did a search ahead and was surprised to learn that there was a Napoli’s in Hays, which we were approaching. We tried a local Tex-Mex place, but it is closed on Mondays, so we fell back to Napoli’s. Never a bad choice.

I had the chicken and fettuccine al fredo. It was a little different in that the chicken was in huge chunks, but it was the usual Napoli’s high quality. Great stuff. Raegan had her usual, a pair of manicotti, one with red sauce, one with white. The cooks blended them together. Oh well. It was great anyway. Ian and Erin both got chicken parmigiana, substituting the spaghetti noodles with fettuccine al fredo; they didn’t do the sub. Oh well.

So the meal was really really good. Service was prompt. Our check was $57.21. A typically great Napoli’s meal.


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