Birth Control and False Suppression of Religious Liberty

Today a number of new laws and regulations took effect that provide great strides in womens health care. These were implemented by requiring insurance companies to cover things like preventative care, and in particular, coverage of birth control.

A number of politicians (all Republican, as far as I can tell), call this an infringement of religious liberty. BULL. Republican “Representative” Mike Kelly said that this day will be remembered in the same way as 07 December or 11 September. What a load of hysterical crap. John Boehner said the new coverage is “tyranny”. Boehner has lost his last sense of proportion.

It is shameful that insurance companies had to be forced to provide this coverage. The apoplectic yammering of people claiming that their religious liberty is being suppressed is ridiculous. Women who do not want to take advantage of these new benefits (including covered birth control) for any reason whatsoever are free to not take advantage of the benefits. But trying to deny those benefits to women are trying to control women, plain and simple. And that is contrary to American freedom.


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