The Boy Scouts and Discrimination

The Washington Post reported today that President Obama has issued a statement that he opposes the Boy Scouts policy of not allowing gay or lesbian leaders or Scouts. The Scouts have noted the Presidents opposition, and respectfully disagreed.

The Scouts recently completed a two-year review of their policy banning gays. I have always opposed the policy. It’s clearly discriminatory. Yes, the Boy Scouts is a private organization. Yes, they have the right to set standards. But there is nothing in being gay that reduces the effectiveness of a leader. Period.

I think that Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are great organizations that provide a sorely needed outdoor experience for kids. The Girl Scouts are not discriminatory, and there are no deleterious effects on their program (they have program issues, but those are not related to the sexuality of their volunteer leaders). Both organizations need to exercise every single opportunity to reach out to youth and leadership. Using a medieval fear of LGBT people doesn’t help bring Scouts in to the organization.


One Response to “The Boy Scouts and Discrimination”

  1. Raegan Says:

    The thing is, hetero people ought not bring their sexuality into any situation involving children. No PDA, no discussions, nada. The same commonsense rule would apply to gay people as well.

    We have friends who are gay, coworkers who are gay, clients who are gay. They are good people. Like heteros.

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