Victor’s Chile Mercado Mexican Grill, Del City, OK

Victor's Chile Mercado on Urbanspoon

I was in the mood for Tex-Mex today at lunch, and decided to check Victor’s out.

I got a lunch special, one of which was the ground beef burrito. It came with rice and beans, and had chili con carne over it.

Now, I’m no expert on the “why” of ethnic food. But from what I’ve been told, true mexican food is very bland. The burrito and sides I got were very bland. The meat in the burrito (and there was quite a lot of it) had little flavor and no spice. Same for the beans and the rice. The queso that was served with the meal was pretty good. The salsa was bland, and had a strong tomato taste and no heat. I added a lot of salsa to the queso, and it was good. The chips served with the meal were excellent, thin and crispy and tasty.

So the meal was not bad, but it was not any better than OK. My check was $9.33, which was a good value cost-wise. I will go back again and try some other meals.


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