Republicans and National-Level Bait and Switch

I believe that during the 2010 election, many Republicans running for office acted in a bait-and-switch manner. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is a perfect example. He got himself elected, then went after the dismantling of organizations he disapproves of, like public-sector labor unions. A great many other Republican-controlled states followed suit. He never made that a campaign pledge. If he had I am certain he would have lost many union votes as a result.

I think that’s what we are seeing in the Republican Presidential ticket as well. Romney and Ryan won’t talk about (for example) how their “plans” to balance the budget won’t balance until 20 years from now, even assuming drastically increased growth. They also don’t want to talk about how their tax cuts would be paid for. There is a lot of vague in their campaign. If they get elected, and especially of the Senate and House are Republican, we are bound to see a great deal of hidden agenda legislation come out in the open.

And given that Republicans have been trying very hard to take more money from the rest of the country and give it to the rich, and business, and take away more rights, including from women, most of the bait and switch will be disastrous for the country.

Republicans cannot be trusted to govern.

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