IT Cost Keeps Dropping

I am continually amazed at how inexpensive network equipment continues to get. Last year we bought a set of N wifi devices for the school, for $30 each. One has failed (not the wifi part, the uplink port is very noisy and dropping 70-80% of the packets), so I moved a less-used device to that location, and went looking for a replacement. The first place I checked, TigerDirect, had a host of N devices in the $35 range. I looked briefly at eBay, and found NIB devices for $20 instantly, and used devices starting at $0.01 (but they seemed to go out around $15; still…).

I had also looked at eBay and TigerDirect for small (5- to 8-port Gb switches) as I am looking at a bit of network reconfiguration, and needed to start with my first upstream switch from our new server. I had thought I would spend $100 or more, but immediately found a five-port for $18. They were even less on eBay.

I might be able to get all the big switches in the school to Gb for around $100 (Cat 6 cabling is another issue altogether, but the short patches are a buck or so).


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