Companies and Monitoring and Recording

I’ve just about had my fill of companies and the “this call may be monitored or recorded”. The excuse given is usually for “quality” or “training”. In reality, it has to be for legal protection of the company.

This is another example of the various government agencies giving power to business that we as people do not have. And companies are not people.

I’ve made several calls today to businesses ranging from car dealerships to hotels. The last one, I was asked if I would listen to a sales pitch after I finished the reservation change, then I was transferred without even a chance to say no. This one informed me that the call would be monitored, and I immediately heard the beep that indicates that recording is taking place. I hung up before saying anything. Pretty crappy of the company.

I will be glad when we as a people get corporation stripped of the power they have. Tyranny can come from business, and in fact is far closer to us than tyranny from government. At least the Constitution protects us from government excess.

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