Harry Bears, Moore, OK

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We used to eat at Harry Bears quite a lot. There was a location just off NW Expressway near May, the food was very good, and it was near school. The location closed, then opened, closed, was something else, was Harry Bears, moved/another opened out near Macarthur, etc. The same with the location in Moore. I noticed this location in Moore when we drove to Norman a couple weeks ago, and last Friday, it was about halfway between me at work, and my friend Gayle, who had brought her daughter to visit OU, so I thought I’d give it a try again. So: the company, excellent. The food, meh.

I got a CFS and Gayle got a salad. The CFS was OK, about a six out of ten; just boring. The gravy was probably manufactured in 60 gallon drums somewhere. The mashers had no texture or flavor. The tea was really good.

Our check was about $20. If I were going to meet Gayle halfway between Norman and Tinker again, I’d pick someplace else. It’s not that the food was bad, it just wasn’t very tasty.

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3 Responses to “Harry Bears, Moore, OK”

  1. Jane Says:

    Sorry to hear that Bill. Usually we get better reviews. You should try a burger. Send me your email and I will get you a coupon for a free burger on your next visit. Or, better yet an Indian Taco (my favorite)
    email to harrybears@sbcglobal.net
    Thanks, Jane

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    Jane, I’ve had a couple people say the same thing to me, in particular the burgers. So at some point when I’m in the Moore area, I will do that. BTW, the staff was very friendly.

  3. bridget Says:

    i agree with Bill…i’ve eaten at Harry Bears alot over the years….but since this last move to the Riverwalk it hasn’t been the same…..service was slow and the place was not real busy..portions seem a bit smaller too……

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