The Romney Campaign is Lower and Lower

The comment from Romney today: “No one has asked to see my birth certificate” is telling. Republicans seem to be OK with him telling lies constantly. I’m not talking about candidates or incumbents stretching the truth, although I don’t much like that either. I’m talking about flat-out, provable lies, like the claim that Obama has eliminated the welfare-to-work requirement. Or the Medicare claims that Obama “stole” hundreds of billions of dollars. Those two are provably false claims by Romney.

It’s a deeper problem on the Republican side. Not only are Republican policies directly responsible for the Great Recession (again, provable), and so the Republican Party is directly arrayed against vast numbers of Americans (people of color, women, the middle class), but the real problem is that Republicans do not believe that Democrats are legitimate holders of office in this country.

This was first demonstrated after the 1992 election. Republicans were not the loyal opposition, they were opposed to anything that Clinton put forth, to the point that they spent $30M+ on trying to impeach the man for cheating on his wife (which does not even begin to get above the noise level, much less “high crimes and misdemeanors”).

The Swift Boating of John Kerry is another example. Provably false accusations against Kerry were repeated over and over by people who, when faced with the facts, still kept on repeating the BS. A couple months ago, I had a guy I work with repeat the lies about Kerry. I pulled up Kerrys testimony from the Congressional Record and showed it to him. His response: Kerry changed the record. What can you do with someone who has such blinders on?

After Obama won the 2008 election fair and square, the Republicans went even further. They made and implemented a plan to oppose and roadblock and disrupt every initiative that Obama tried. This goes far, far beyond simple political negotiations. They allowed the ability of the FAA to keep our air system safe to stop. They threatened to shut the government down several times. The worst thing, the actions of the Republicans caused the United States to suffer a credit rating downgrade. Imagine the hue and cry from Republicans if Democrats had done that – treason! “Death panels” are another horrible example.

The attempt to de-legitimize Democrats is carried on in voter suppression activities. Only Republicans do this. The “birther” idiots are aided and abetted and winked at by most of the major Republicans, including Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, Romney, and many others.

Republicans, I suspect, know their true believers are in the minority in the country. They have to convince the programmed and the gullible to vote for them, like 2010. It doesn’t help when the Democrats don’t fight back. If Republicans ran on what they really intend to do (see the bait-and-switch of Scott Walker), they will lose.

So where are the Republicans with integrity? Is winning more important than telling the truth? Can Republicans run on their actual beliefs, and compete and win?

I doubt we get real answers any time soon.


2 Responses to “The Romney Campaign is Lower and Lower”

  1. Raegan Says:

    No one asked to see Obama’s tax returns…because they know he paid up and isn’t hiding millions in offshore accounts.

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