Oh, Really?

Per a USA Today article interviewing Mitt Romney, he says of Obamas campaign:

Mitt Romney calls campaign attacks by President Obama and his allies “vituperative” and “vicious” and “absurd” and “sad.”

This coming from a guy who won’t release his tax returns, any detail of the major changes he wants to make to long-term programs, and who just plain lies on the trail and in his ads.

So I don’t put much stock in his claims.


2 Responses to “Oh, Really?”

  1. Bill Hensley Says:

    Romney also claims that Obamas campaign is based on “character assassination”. This from a guy who lies constantly. Not much character to assassinate.

  2. Raegan Says:

    Well now, he doesn’t want we middle class types to know about the millions he has earning interest in offshore accounts and the taxes he probably didn’t pay on them…so not releasing his returns makes perfect sense. If I had that much to hide, I wouldn’t release mine either!

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