Ryan – No Substance, Just BS

Paul Ryan had what I’m sure he thinks is a wonderful speech. The problem is, he wraps lies in rhetoric. He repeated the Medicare lie. And he repeated the lie that Obama is responsible for the crappy economy. A new one – he said that Obama caused an auto plant in his hometown to shut down, when the shut down occurred during the Bush Administration!

So no substance, but constant lies.

I watched the Huckabee speech. He also lied over and over. He’s a minister! Does he remember the commandment against bearing false witness? How about Ryan, the “good Catholic”?

There seems to be a concerted attempt by the Republicans to bluff and bullshit their way through the election. It’s disgusting.


2 Responses to “Ryan – No Substance, Just BS”

  1. Harold Penner Says:


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  2. Raegan Says:

    Have you ever noticed that Mr. Ryan cannot smile? Every attempt I’ve seen him make turns into this reptilian twist, not unlike something the Cardassian aliens on Star Trek do. He gives me the creeps.

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