Nikki Haley and Voter ID

I missed Ms. Haleys speech at the RNC. I saw a clip of it this morning, and it was a pretty disturbing clip.

Ms. Haleys South Carolina is one of the Republican-controlled states that implemented a voter ID law. I’ve written before as to how that is part of a concerted effort by Republicans to suppress the ability to vote by people that don’t usually vote Republican.

In her speech, Ms. Haley said that they implemented vote ID for the same reason they implemented ID checks for people buying Sudafed and boarding an airplane.

So she conflates minority voters with terrorists and meth makers. Really.

I’m opposed to both the other laws for basically the same reason. Both laws are an attempt to identify all people that use the service in question so that the list of names can be perused by law enforcement to target people for investigation. That’s it. If you buy Sudafed more times than the Authorities think is appropriate, then you can expect to be visited and investigated. If your name is coincident with a known, or suspected, terrorist, then you can be denied your right to movement in your own country. Never mind that there is a vast law enforcement network focused on finding meth makers, and another one focused on finding terrorists. And that there are layered protections in place (some stupid, like the TSA naked-body machines) to keep people from getting anything vaguely dangerous on a commercial airplane. I think both laws are not Constitutional under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

It was pointed out this morning by Mellisa Harris-Perry that there are more cases of meth making in the country than there are cases of voter fraud, which is the usual excuse given by Republicans for implementing voter ID laws. The Republicans really should be more honest and admit that suppression is what they are after.


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