Republicans Lies and False Equivalency

I was working around the house Thursday evening and forgot to tune into the Romney nomination acceptance speech until near the end. The disturbing thing was that in the short time I listened, I heard no policy statements, specific or otherwise, but I heard six big lies. Here they are:

  • The President raised taxes on the middle class. Nope.
  • The President has no jobs plan. BS. The President has submitted a number of jobs plans. One was actually passed: the stimulus bill. The others have been bottled up either by Senate filibuster or not being heard in the House.
  • The President attacks success. This is wrong on a number of levels. A lot of the “success” accomplished by the “successful” is due to laws written by Republicans or regulations relaxed by Republicans, transferring wealth from the lower and middle classes up. Reference the income drop graph I have published here, or the bank and investment deregulation results.
  • The policies of the President haven’t increased jobs. The facts are (again, see the chart I’ve published here) that the policies of the President have added many jobs to the economy, even though the number of jobs haven’t fully risen to the level we had during the Clinton years. What Romney neglected to mention is that many of the jobs lost were due to (a) Republican tax credits enacted to encourage companies to offshore American jobs, and (b) the housing and bank crashes, which were due mainly to deregulation under Bush.
  • The President has cut the military. This is wrong on two fronts. First, the DoD budget has increased each year since the President was inaugurated; that doesn’t sound like a cut. Second, the DoD budget for the next year is scheduled to increase again, unless the mandatory across-the-board reductions take place under the sequestration process. The sequestration process was put in place by both Republicans and Democrats working with the President. So, even if sequestration kicks in, the cuts to the DoD budget are the responsibility of both parties and two of three Branches of government.
  • The President cut Medicare benefits to seniors. Never mind that Romneys VP Ryan cut the same amount. Or that the Presidents cuts were to overpayments to insurance companies and hospitals, and through fraud prevention. Or that Ryans cuts cost seniors in a couple years $6K (that’s six thousand dollars) in direct costs.
  • I only heard about the last 20 minutes of the speech. I’ve heard excerpts since then that included other lies, big and small.

    So I posted a general comment about this on Facebook. I got a number of responses from Republican friends that both parties do this.

    I do not think that is the case. I agree that most politicians stretch the truth, sometimes a lot. But I think there is a huge difference between stretching the truth and telling a lie repeatedly. I also know that some polits, especially under stress, misspeak. I am also not talking about people expressing their opinions about policy.

    The Romney campaign is building their entire campaign around “The President sucks” by citing big lies that are absolutely provable to be lies. There is not a basis in fact for any of the above lies – no amount of stretching truth gets you there. This are not misstatements – Romney and Ryan both repeat these, and have released ads built around the lies.

    There is no equivalency between stretching the truth (which the President has done, no question) and flat-out lying by the Republicans. Not even close.

    It’s a concerted effort. Most of the flacks I heard interviewed during the RNC repeated these, and other, lies. Most of the speakers at the RNC repeated them as well. The lies above don’t even include the huge lie that the President has removed the “welfare-to-work” requirement. I did hear that one from several of the RNC speakers. The theme of the Republican Convention was “We Built This”, which I am sure they think is very clever, but it is built on a lie – a taken-out-of-context statement from a speech the President gave.

    The media have been doing a better job at calling out and documenting these lies than I would have expected. That hasn’t bothered the Republicans. As Rachel Maddow said a year or so back when discussing Republican lies, “they aren’t embarrassed” about the lies.

    So when, Republicans, do you abandon a candidate because they lie? Really go with the Big Lies? Is defeating President Obama more important than the truth?


    One Response to “Republicans Lies and False Equivalency”

    1. Raegan Says:

      Well, you know they stated as their goal to defeat Obama. Not to improve the economy, fund scientific or technical research that would put us at the forefront, not to improve education…or health care…or ameliorate hunger and poverty…or fix the infrastructure of the country…or stimulate job growth…but boy can they pass laws about women’s reproductive lives and civil rights! Whoot! Now THOSE are issues that are going to help the country! Wow!

      Sorry…was that my sarcasm slipping?

      I missed the infamous “talking to an empty chair” scene. That does explain why the Obama they aren’t seeing isn’t the same one that we do see, though. 🙂

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