Anita’s Restaurant, Oceanside, CA

Anita's on Urbanspoon

I was headed from the San Diego area back to LAX to spend the night when I drove through Oceanside. I saw Anita’s and decided to check it out.

It was an OK meal. They had carne asada burritos, and then they had ground beef and chicken chimis, so I asked for a carne asada chimi. No problem. The chimi was not fried all the way for some reason, it had a number of un-fried parts. Regardless, it was pretty good. The carne asada had just the right amount of spiceiness to it, and it had very good flavor. The rice and beans were standard. The salsa before the meal had zero heat to it, and tasted heavily of tomato. The chips were really good. The tea was good and kept refilled. Service was fast.

My check was $13.36. I don’t know that I will be eating dinner in Oceanside again (at least for a long while), but you could do worse than Anita’s, I would imagine.


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