Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, OSU Student Union, Stillwater, OK

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

Last Saturday, we went with Ian on a tour of the OSU campus. Afterward, we wanted to eat lunch in the Union. Unfortunately, only two places were open. Ian ate at the Johnny Rockets, and Raegan and I chose Baja Fresh.

This was good! I like similar places like Chipotle and Q’doba, but Baja Fresh was superior. Raegan got chicken quesadillas. She liked it, I tried it and liked it also. I tried to get a burrito bowl, but the check says I got a chicken ensalada (salad). I looked at the menu listing online, and I think I got a sort of amalgam of the two. Regardless, it was excellent!

They didn’t have tea, but the Coke wasn’t bad. Our check was $20.35.

A side note or two. We ate in the atrium, which was an outside courtyard when I was in school. I have many fond memories of that courtyard, and the Union, and the friends I spent so much time with, and either lost or have drifted away from, so it was both new and sad. The Union is recently significantly remodeled. This is the second remodel of the food area. The first was around 1991, and involved taking out the OSU-unique food (where I first had a Philly-like cheesesteak, and Raegan grew to love the Cowboy Burrito), and replacing it with things like Burger King. I didn’t approve, and neither did Raegan. This remodel is aesthetically very nice, but it still is mainly chain stuff, but at least it’s restaurants we are not otherwise overrun with.

I will look for a Baja Fresh location and try it again. I hope it will be as good.


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