Boulevard Steakhouse, Edmond, OK

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So we make money to spend it. I like saving, but I’ve a 401(k) for that. For dinner with Raegan, especially on our anniversary, I don’t mind a bit of extravagance. Yesterday was our 24th anniversary, and we decided to splurge a bit, and Boulevard Steakhouse fit the bill.

We got there at 1730 (on time!) and left about 1940. Most of the menu is ala cart (I got one of the dinner specials, it came with stuff, but the cost ended up the same).

Raegan started off with a bowl of lobster bisque. She said it was very, very good. I got a steakhouse salad, which was a standard salad, but it had been cut up very fine. I liked it a lot, it had good flavor.

Raegan got the farm raised salmon. It was a very large steak, and she could not eat but about half of it. She reported it was excellent. Raegan also got some steamed broccoli with cheese sauce on it; that was good stuff.

I got the beef special, which was a 16 ounce bone-in strip steak. I had asked for it medium, but it came rare (growl). I let it rest a bit, and it got mostly up to medium rare. That steak was very tender; it was pretty much fork tender, and the rest was butter-knife tender. It had excellent flavor as well, and was more than an inch thick. The meal was supposed to come with roast veg (broccoli, finger potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms), but the mushrooms were missing. The other stuff was really, really good, although I think the carrots needed a bit more roasting. When I asked about the mushrooms, they came quickly, but were sauteed in wine instead of roasted. I didn’t leave a scrap of that meal.

We got dessert also. Raegan chose a fruit and pastry dessert that was huge! I got bananas Boulevard, which was a variation of Bananas Foster. It was excellent also. When the restaurant found out we were celebrating our anniversary, they made one of the desserts complementary, which we thought was nice. These are our desserts:

The iced tea was good and kept refilled. Raegan got some hot tea, and the variety was a strong tea, not the usual Lipton bags a lot of places use. Service was prompt, friendly, and professional. It was dark in there.

The mushrooms that were forgotten with my meal ended up getting put on as a charge. I would have griped, but they didn’t charge us for Raegans soup, so it was probably a wash.

Our check was $136.97. Now, I think that our meal was extremely tasty. My steak was better than the most recent ritzy places we’ve been to, Ranch Steakhouse and Jamil’s. We don’t eat at places like Boulevard that often, but I wouldn’t mind going to Boulevard again.

I need to start thinking of something really special for our 25th.


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