Sun Coast Cafe, Largo, FL

Sun Coast Cafe on Urbanspoon

I chose this restaurant pretty much at random. I got there around 1715 and left around 1810.

I ordered honey fried chicken. It was very good. The pieces were kind of small, but there were four pieces. The stuff was right out of the deep fryer, and was hotter than heck. I got soup for my appetizer; vegetable beef. Pretty standard stuff, and I ate all of it. The chicken was very crispy and had good flavor, and wasn’t dry at all (it wasn’t greasy, either). My side was applesauce, and was a good complement to the meal. Dessert was included; I got tapioca (I need to get tapioca more often).

My check was $10.17. Service was very good. The iced tea was very good, and kept refilled. Nice restaurant.


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